Japanese Slicer Sujihiki Knife - SUISIN - Sweden Inox - Premium Red...
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Japanese Slicer Sujihiki Knife - SUISIN - Sweden Inox - Premium Red White Micarta - Sizes: 24 / 27cm

"Suisin” is a Japanese kitchen knife brand in Sakai City, Osaka, whose philosophy is to make kitchen knives in a sincere and one-on-one manner with the user.

Dealing with a lot of knives, they know each knife they make will be special for its user, so its craftsmen never compromise. 

The most distinctive feature of Suisin's knives is their overwhelming easiness of sharpening and use, with the user first priority policy. These factors are not only based on scientific theories and test data, but are also the result of the delicate work of highly skilled craftsmen.

Its excellent sharpness and after-sales service are extremely high level.

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The sujihiki is a reliable choice for professional chefs looking to expand their arsenal or home cooks in search of the perfect gift.

With this large, stainless steel Japanese chef knife you'll be able to smoothly slice, dice and chop with cutting-edge sharpness.

Meticulously crafted in Sakai City, one of Japan’s blade-making hubs since the 15th century, sujihiki knives are known for their ability to effortlessly handle a wide range of meat cuts from fileting fish, to trimming fat as well as preparing vegetables.

The exceptional quality is achieved by:

Superior sharpening: thanks to the mix of a special thermal treatment and high-purity steel, your knife will retain its edge through many culinary sessions.

Multipurpose design: sujihiki knives have a remarkable ability to handle various cutting tasks from skinning fish to delicate vegetable work. This makes it a great option regardless of your skill in the kitchen.

Ergonomic grip: it has a comfortable ambidextrous handle that you can use with both hands, ensuring a secure base that helps you maintain precise and accurate cuts even with the most delicate of ingredients.

Swedish inox core: renowned for its high carbon content, this stainless Nordic steel undergoes an advanced heating process that will ensure your blade remains durable for years to come.

Beautiful aesthetics: the hilt is made with a scratch-resistant micarta resin colored in white and red, a combination of colors that is regarded in Japanese culture as a symbol of purity and peace.

Japanese design is famous for its attention to detail, and the same can be seen in this Suisin knife. From the expert steel craftsmanship to the symbology of the color palette, all details come together to bring you an authentic masterpiece.

The Suisin knives are known by the high quality not only in Japan but abroad.

  • For professional use
  • Excellent cut even after long hours of use
  • Easy to sharpen


Knife 24cm 27cm
Blade Length 240mm (9.4") 270mm (10.6")
Overall Length 363mm (14.2") 395mm (15.5")
Blade Thickness 2mm 2mm
Blade Height at Base 34mm 39mm
Weight 170g 190g
  • Steel Type: Swedish Stainless Steel
  • Handle Type: Micarta Resin
  • Integral Structure
  • Serie: Suisin Stainless Premium
  • Brand: Suisin
  • Made in Japan

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