Kitchen knife sharpening workshop

Workshop on''How to Sharpen your Kitchen Knives''

How to apply: Apply by sending an e-mail to


1. Your name
2. Contact phone number which is available on the day of the workshop
3. The day and the time you want to attend
What to bring: clothes you can get dirty and a hand towel

When: 11:00 to 11:45am /14:00 to 14:45pm/17:00 to 17:45pm
Every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
The workshop is not given when these days fall on national holidays

Where: Miura Knives Shop in Nagoya-city, Aichi, Japan

How long: About 45 minutes

Who can attend: First three applicants for each spot will be accepted to attend the workshop.
Language: English

Participation fee: 2,700JPY (Included tax)

1. Handle knives at your own risk. The workshop staff does not take responsibility for any injuries caused by
your careless actions.
2. This workshop is for beginners only. Knife sharpening experts may be rejected to attend.
3. Please keep in mind that the instructor is Japanese and his English proficiency is not very high.