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If you are looking for japanese kitchen knives you have found the right place .Miura Knives is a duty free shop located in Nagoya city ,Osu district,Japan. We are open everyday,from 10 to 19 o’clock.Our japanese kitchen knife store has a big selection of japanese knives brands and whetstones. We can also ship our products worldwide by EMS,SAL or DHL express.

We sell a lot of knife brands, like Miura Knives, Suisin, Zanmai Knives, Mcusta Knives, Sakai Takayuki, ,Sakai kikumori,Kagekyo,Miyamoto,Mac,Fujitora,Tojiro, Yaxell, Misono, SekiKanetsugu,

Masahiro,Nagomi,Nasu,Shiraki,Kyusakichi,Yoshikazu Tanaka,,Sakon,Hokiyama,Sugimoto,

Seki Kanetsune,Gohumanosuke Yoshihiro,Hidari Yorimitsu,Glestain, Masamoto, Takeshi Saji,

Takeda Knives, Yu Kurosaki,Yoshimi Kato,Shigeki Tanaka,Anryu,Kotetsu,Shizu hamono,


etc, and whetstone brands like king,shapton,naniwa,suehiro,suisin,atoma.

They are made in many parts of Japan,such as Seki city,Gifu prefecture, Sakai city, Osaka prefecture,Echizen city, Fukui prefecture, Sanjo City, Niigata prefecture, Kagawa prefecture,Okayama prefecture,etc.

The japanese kitchen knives are worldwide known for its amazing sharpness and cutting performance ,as well as for beautifull design and very good quality.

They are made with many types of high performance stainless steel and carbon steel and stay sharp .

Some types of japanese knives we sell here are:

Gyuto chef knife is the japanese version of western chef knives They are probably the popular type of knives among our customers.It is an all purpose knife with many different sizes.

Nakiri knife is a traditional japanese knife used to chopping,slicing ,dicing all kinds of vegetables. Usually it is double bevel.

Usuba knife is a traditional japanese knife ,with the shape simillar to a nakiri knife.The difference is that it is single bevel and much thicker.It is used in japanese traditional cuisine to cut vegetable mainly to katsuramuki.

Santoku knife is japanese style all purpose knife, usually has a blade lenght between 15 and 18cm. It is the most popular type of kitchen knife in Japan. The shape is a mix of nakiri and gyuto.

Petty,petit,paring knives is a small version of the gyuto. Used mostly for small and delicate works.

Honesuki,boning,garasuki are mainly used to butcher poultry,meat,pork and some people use it to fillet the fish instead of the deba.

Deba is a thick japanese style knife used to fillet the fish. It has a single bevel.

Yanagiba is a must have long and single bevel traditional japanese knife used to slice the fish and make sashimi and sushi.

If you are planning to come to Japan,please visit us. Nagoya is a city between Tokyo and Kyoto - Osaka . We are located 2 km from Nagoya shinkansen station.