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    We ship from Japan, normally by DHL or the Japan Post EMS, which are the fastest delivery service.

    Depending on the country, we advise SAL, a economy delivery service, as the best option.

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    Please contact us by e-mail, telephone, WhatsApp, Facebook and contact form page.

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    We accept PayPal and credit card(VISA/MASTER/AMEX).

    Australian Dollar / Canadian Dollar / US dollar / Euro / Yen


We can ship any product of this website to your home. In this case, we send you a tracking number.

Depending on the country, the shipping takes from 1 to 5 days by DHL, from 4 to 12 days by EMS (standard), and from 2 to 4 weeks by SAL (economic).

If you have any question about import duties or taxes, please contact us before ordering.

If you are in Japan and looking for Japanese knives, please come to visit our store in Nagoya.

Miura Knives is a Japanese cutleries store, located in Osu, Nagoya City, Japan. From these cutleries, we mainly sell different types of knife.
In our store there are yanagiba sushi knives, deba knives, sujihiki knives, petit knives, gyuto chef knives, santoku knives, usuba knives, nakiri knives, 
single bevel knives, double bevel knives, aogami knives, shirogami knives, vg10 knives, stainless steel knives, etc. 
We sell a lot of knife brands, like Miura Knives, Suisin, Zanmai Knives, Mcusta Knives, Sakai Takayuki, Tojiro, Yaxell, Misono, Tsunouma, Seki Kanetsugu,
Glestain, Masamoto, Takeshi Saji, Takeda Knives, etc.
We ship knife from Japan to worldwide. 
If you pass for Nagoya by chance, please, come to visit our store. We will be very pleased with your visit.