Japanese Yanagiba Knife - KAGEKIYO - Urushi VG-10 damascus - Size: 30cm
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Japanese Yanagiba Knife - KAGEKIYO - Urushi VG-10 damascus - Size: 30cm

"Kagekiyo is the advanced brand of Baba Cutlery Works, and is produced by expert craftsmen in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, the home of Japanese hammer forged blades.

The knives are made from traditional steels such as Shirogami and Aogami, and the blades grinded by its own artisan are very sharp, and they are matched with special handles made for them.

Kagekiyo's beautiful knives will brighten up your kitchen and your dish!

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The Baba Hamono Seisakusho has more than a century of knives manufacture history. It is the owner of the KAGEKIYO and SAKAI ICHIJI brands.

The knives of this Kagekyo serie are made of VG-10 damascus. The handle is of wood coated with lacquer .


Knife 30cm
Blade Length 300mm 
Overall Length 450mm 
Blade Height at Base 33mm
Blade Thickness 3,65mm
Weight 198g
  • This knife has a sheath (saya)
  • Steel Type: Stainless VG-10 damascus
  • Blade Type: Single Edged Blade for right-handed 
  • Handle Type: Wood coated with lacquer 
  • Serie: Kagekiyo VG-10 damascus
  • Brand: Kagekiyo
  • Made in Sakai, Japan
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