Japanese Nakiri Knife - MIURA - Aogami super - Black Finish - Size: 17cm
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Japanese Nakiri Knife - MIURA - Aogami super - Black Finish - Size: 17cm

Miura Knives Series offer a wide range of knives, from entry-level models that are easy to use for beginners to high-quality models used by professionals in their work, and products made by world top class craftsmen to provide the best knives for various needs.

Please choose the best knife for your needs and preferences. The series includes knives from famous cutlery producing regions in Japan and the advanced series such as "Itadaki," "Obidama," and "Kuchinashi.

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Knife 17cm
Overall Length 310mm
Blade Length 170mm
Blade Height at base 53mm
Blade Thickness 2.05mm
Weight 163g

  • Steel Type: Super Carbon Blue Steel (Aogami) - with stainless steel outer layers for easy maintenance
  • Blade Type: Double Edged Blade
  • Handle Type: rose Wood
  • Brand: Miura
  • Made in Japan

Data sheet
Knife Care and Warnings

Please be careful!

・Please note that there may be individual variations in shape, finish, and color due to the handcrafted nature of our knives and the use of natural materials for the handles.

・Do not cut frozen foods or bones with knives that are not specifically designed for that purpose. Doing so can cause significant damage to the blade. 

・Do not use a dishwasher for cleaning. It may cause rust and damage to the handle.

・After use, do not leave the knife dirty. Hand wash it with a neutral detergent and then remove any moisture. 

・Carbon steel knives are extremely prone to rusting, so clean and dry them promptly. When storing, apply camellia oil to the blade.

・Avoid using simple sharpeners as they can damage the blade. If you must use them, please follow up with maintenance using a whetstone.

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