Japanese Bunka Knife - Handmade Santoku - TAKEDA HAMONO - Super Blue Steel - 16,5cm
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Japanese Bunka Knife - Handmade Santoku - TAKEDA HAMONO - Super Blue Steel - 16,5cm

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Takeda Hamono has been founded more than 80 years ago, and moved to the Niimi City, Okayama Japan Province in 1951.
The current company representative, Shosui Takeda, belongs to the third generation of the family.
The blades are manually forged and made from Super Blue Steel - that keeps the cutting line for a long period and, also, easy to sharpen.

Takeda Hamono Knives are known by the high quality, being much sought-after by the consumers from all over the world.

The "sasa no ha - santoku" is indicated for cutting vegetables, meats and fishes.

Knife 16,5cm
Blade Length 165mm (6")
Overall Length 300mm (11.8")
Blade Height at Base 55mm
Blade Thickness 2,2mm
Weight 130g

*Once the knives are all handmade, the measures and weights might differ a little bit from each other.

  • Steel Type: Carbon Super Blue Steel (Aogami Super)
  • Handle Type: Wood
  • Octagonal handle
  • Blade Type: Double Edged Blade
  • Handmade by the craftsman Shosui Takeda
  • Brand: Takeda Hamono
  • Made in Japan

Data sheet
Cares for the japanese knife

*Please dont try to cut or chop frozen foods and bones . Blades are too hard ,so they can chip. 

*If you buy a carbon steel blade knife , keep it clean and dry after use . Carbon steel knives rust easily.

If you are not going to use it for a long time ,please pass magnolia or olive oil and wrap in a newspaper.

*We recommend the use of whetstones when you are going to sharpening them .  

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