Japanese Bunka knife - MIURA - VG-10 Black Damascus - teak handle - Size:18cm
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Japanese Bunka knife - MIURA - VG-10 Black Damascus - teak handle - Size:18cm

Miura Knives Series offer a wide range of knives, from entry-level models that are easy to use for beginners to high-quality models used by professionals in their work, and products made by world top class craftsmen to provide the best knives for various needs.

Please choose the best knife for your needs and preferences. The series includes knives from famous cutlery producing regions in Japan and the advanced series such as "Itadaki," "Obidama," and "Kuchinashi.

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Unsure about which knife to pick? 

The bunka is a popular choice among novice chefs used to Western cuisine thanks to its ease of use.

While this type of knife is intended for general use, this model by Miura Knives has a couple distinct features to it that makes it stand out as a premium choice.

In Japanese, “bunka” means civilization or culture, which is reflected in this knife’s ability to handle many different culinary styles and a variety of ingredients with high precision.

This impressive adaptability is thanks to:

  • The VG-10 black damascus stainless steel core that gives your blade a razor-like edge for longer periods of time, as well as an improved corrosion resistance that helps keep it rust-free and durable.

  • The handcrafted wooden grip that improves your cutting control while the tweak handle adds a touch of style to your culinary weapon.

  • A slightly curved profile which offers a larger slicing surface and enhanced stability that make it an ideal choice for chopping and making fine cuts with high accuracy.

(Plus, the ambidextrous design makes the use more practical for any chef.)

  • A broad blade design that allows for easier and smoother slices without compromising balance thanks to its lighter weight.

While a traditional Japanese kitchen might have more specialized blades, this particular piece makes it a superior choice compared to other bunka knives. 

This is thanks to its excellent mix of high quality materials and an elegant design, making it the perfect choice for those who are just starting their culinary journey.

Overall Length  322mm 
Blade Length 180mm 
Blade Height at Base 48mm
Blade Thickness 1.9mm
Weight 119g

  • Steel Type: VG-10 Black damascus
  • Blade Type: Double Edged Blade
  • Handle Type: Teak Wood
  • Brand: Miura
  • Made in Japan

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